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Friday, September 2, 2011

Let me introduce myself...

My name is Shea Adams, and I am a mother who frets. Now that we have established that...
The idea for this blog all came about because of my husband. Ok, well maybe not really BECAUSE of my husband, but it evolved because of a comment he made, "And where did you read that? Mothers who" My first thought was, "NO I didn't read that on mothers who, but it would be awesome if that existed! So I decided to make it so!
I am a first time mommy, and a worrier by nature. Before I got pregnant I would worry about an array of things that I was told normal people didn't worry about... On this note what is normal anyway? I will save this question for another blog.
Once I got pregnant I worried everyday... That is an understatement. I worried probably every couple of minutes about how I was feeling, what I was feeling, why was I tired, was I over tired, was it bad if I was over tired, what EXACTLY is over tired, and how EXACTLY do you gauge being overtired? Well you get my drift. I would start thinking about something and dwell on all of the questions surrounding it. I was constantly Googling things and oogling the outcomes of my searches. I was voracious for information; telling my husband all along the way about the findings of my newest internet search, until I was banned from internet searching! Not only by my husband, but also by my doctor... so I have decided to take to blogging (and by the way, I am still addicted to GOOGLE).
As most new moms know having a baby is life changing, and from the moment our adorable baby girl entered our world she has been rocking it, and giving her mommy a whole new laundry list of things to worry about! So I decided to start a blog, so all of us moms out there can fret together. xoxo

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  1. I love it Shea! Congrats on starting your blog :) Look forward to following it...