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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mommies Beware!

I wanted to write a post about this the minute that I got Sawyer to sleep... so here it is. While I was putting Sawyer down for her nap this afternoon, I was watching Dr. Oz. He had a show on today about arsenic in apple juice. I don't usually watch his show, because he tends to sensationalize whatever he is talking about. But I will someday be giving my daughter juices, so my ears pearked up! What came next was horrifying. This is not something silly that new moms fret about, this is something that everyone should be worried about.
Apparently, China where almost everything is made these days, does not monitor arsenic levels in fruit concentrate, and the result is that we are getting juice here in the US that has unsafe levels of arsenic, sometimes 3 times as much as the maximum level that is deemed safe by the FDA in our drinking water. So, when you think you are giving your children something with health benefits you are actually poisoning them! Gerber was by far the worst, lab tests that came back had 3 times the allowable level in drinking water. So why is this allowed to happen at all... Our government has not set a restriction on arsenic levels in apple juice, apparently they did on pear juice after information like this was released. However, the restriction set there is still higher than what the FDA deems safe in drinking water.
Organic juices made in the US all tested within safe levels, so I will choose these for Sawyer in any kind of juice that I give her, and I will be writing my congressman to let them know that this is just unacceptable, and scary! As parents we want to keep our children safe and then something like this is going on right under our noses. Companies should be accountable, but if they aren't going to hold themselves to a high standard then we have to do the detective work ourselves. I personally do not know if I will give my child anything produced by Gerber and that is sad because I know it is a trusted brand. Just not so sure how great any of their products can be if they will allow such low standards in their products.
Scary to me that we have to research everything we give to our children, but there is no accountability and none of the companies would cop to the responsibility. If you want more information on this visit the Dr. Oz website, he has all the information from the study. We have to make the change because big companies obviously won't!
On a much happier note, Soybean is sleeping soundly and I haven't given her any juice at all so far in her little life. So I can sleep a bit more peacefully tonight... xoxo

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

So much to post!

I have so many things from the past three months to talk about from breast feeding trials and tribulations, to baby poop, to formulas (no not algebraic as I found out), to baby gear, to actually leaving the house with a newborn. AND we will get to all that, however the activities of the day have left me with a nagging feeling to write about something I am sure every new mom worries about, or has worried about. That topic is, will I EVER get my pre-baby body back?! I know, I know a bit superficial, and the body change is totally worth the AWESOMENESS that comes from having a child, but SERIOUSLY somedays I just want my body back!!
So to that end I tried to schedule in gym time, or running time but that proved to be too difficult with the little one. I was fretting about childcare at the gym and the heat in Tucson being too much to pull down the jogging stroller out of the garage (not to mention the fact that a child isn't really supposed to be in a jogging stroller without an infant adapter until 6 mos (another little dandy I found in my internet research).
With exercise being HARD to fit in and my husband working crazy hours (so not a reliable babysitter) I turned to MORE internet research and found TRACY ANDERSON! She is this little, tiny energetic blonde who truly puts the energizer bunny to shame. She trains many celebrities, and she has a gorgeous body. Not to mention she strives to shape women's bodies into dancer like physiques. All of this and I could do it in my living room! Even better. So to that end, I tirelessly geared up for the videos to get here: new shoes, 3 lb weights, a yoga mat- all in hopes that this will lead me back to the body I knew before pregnancy.
I am in day 5 of the workouts and it is intense to say the least, however, I feel more energized than ever. Even though sometimes I can't make it through the routines ( I had to give up exercise during my pregnancy due to complications). The main one being my HUGE, FAT cankles. Remind me to talk about the cankles later... Who I am kidding, the woman is HIGH energy, I couldn't have made it through her routines when I was in shape. She just jumps around and does crazy amounts of reps to exhaust the muscles (She calls this the muscle exhaustion series and threatens that you cannot miss a move, but she is threatening from in the TV, so kind of an empty threat). I often find myself arguing with her, "NO you do 5 more; I am EXHAUSTED."
This morning, however I was reminded of the real reason that I want and need to stay fit. I want to be there for my daughter and I want to be able to keep up with her, dance with her, run with her and after her, lift her, spin her. I want to be vital and a role model for her.
Sawyer was watching me workout this morning, and she was trying to do the moves. It was adorable... and made me realize, its not about my body at all. It is about everything that I want to be for her.  So that makes the kale chips (which are not at all like potato chips), crazy workouts, and less wine all worth it. xoxo

Below is a video Luke took of Sawyer working out with me! Talk about motivation. (Daddy picked the beanie).

Monday, September 5, 2011

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Friday, September 2, 2011

Let me introduce myself...

My name is Shea Adams, and I am a mother who frets. Now that we have established that...
The idea for this blog all came about because of my husband. Ok, well maybe not really BECAUSE of my husband, but it evolved because of a comment he made, "And where did you read that? Mothers who" My first thought was, "NO I didn't read that on mothers who, but it would be awesome if that existed! So I decided to make it so!
I am a first time mommy, and a worrier by nature. Before I got pregnant I would worry about an array of things that I was told normal people didn't worry about... On this note what is normal anyway? I will save this question for another blog.
Once I got pregnant I worried everyday... That is an understatement. I worried probably every couple of minutes about how I was feeling, what I was feeling, why was I tired, was I over tired, was it bad if I was over tired, what EXACTLY is over tired, and how EXACTLY do you gauge being overtired? Well you get my drift. I would start thinking about something and dwell on all of the questions surrounding it. I was constantly Googling things and oogling the outcomes of my searches. I was voracious for information; telling my husband all along the way about the findings of my newest internet search, until I was banned from internet searching! Not only by my husband, but also by my doctor... so I have decided to take to blogging (and by the way, I am still addicted to GOOGLE).
As most new moms know having a baby is life changing, and from the moment our adorable baby girl entered our world she has been rocking it, and giving her mommy a whole new laundry list of things to worry about! So I decided to start a blog, so all of us moms out there can fret together. xoxo